Other profiles manufacturation

ALGAHER produces over than 3.000 different geometries in gaskets and profiles where, besides the previous sectors shown, we also offer solutions for the followings areas:

Profiles for renewable energy

Profiles for renewable energy
Sealed and protection of mechanical and structural elements for wind power generation.
Sealed and protection of electromechanical elements for photovoltaic generation.
sealed protection photovoltaic generation

Profiles for edification

Profiles for edification - windows
Profiles for windows.
Profiles for other phases of edification.
profiles for edification

Profiles for general industry

Profiles for general industry
Profiles in different geometries for several applications.
Solid profiles, celular profiles and auto-adhesive profiles.
profiles for general indsutry

Profiles for manufacturing electric appliances

Profiles for manufacturing electric appliances
Profiles used for manufacturing electric appliances.
profiles for manufacturing electric appliances

Profiles for irrigation systems

Profiles for irrigation systems
We have different geometries for several applications, from sealed of sluice gates to the sealed of any element related to water drainage.
profiles for irrigation systems

Special profiles

Special profiles manufacturer
We have a huge range of special products, which are designed and manufactured by ALGAHER to give a response to all kind of needs.
We can develop a new geometry in a few weeks attending to the more urgent needs of the market.
adhesives lubricantes
In order to offer a full service, we have a range of adhesives and lubricants associated with the installation of some of our products.
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